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Reduce Paper Usage on Your Production Line

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One of the first steps we take when meeting with a new, potential client is walking through their operation and discussing problem areas. A common sight, and usually a topic of discussion, is the amount of physical paperwork kept on work stations, clipboards and announcement boards. By automating processes, you can greatly reduce that paperwork thereby reducing clutter, mistakes and costs. Read more to learn how.

Visual Work Instructions Replacing Paper Work Instructions

DSC_0105Nysus Solutions MES Station Example 

We often see stacks of papers and binders on operator stations when we walk through an operation. Laminated images surrounding the station, quality alerts pinned to the equipment, bright, bold text taped on the monitor. Sound familiar? These are common occurrences...but not exactly effective. Too frequently, we are told that operators are not paying attention to these warnings or new employees are finding it difficult to sort through the clutter and learn their new job. Not to mention the large amount of wasted paper being used to print new instructions, alerts and warnings on a frequent basis.

Systems like the Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Guide My Work allow for a noticeable reduction of paper on the line. One of the key functions of the MES is Visual Work Instructions. Rather than sort through paper instructions, the MES displays a list of station instructions, detailed instruction steps with highlighted text, and clear images to guide the operator through each step of a build. The MES also ensures that a process step is completed correctly and not missed by using various requirements such as badge scans, proper torque completion, correct component selection (utilizing the Nysus Solutions Pick Light System), electrical test completion (utilizing the Nysus Solutions Wire Harness Test System) or custom test types developed specifically for your operation.

The Nysus Solutions MES also allows for Quality, Safety and Job Alerts to be displayed right on the operator screen. Once an operator logs into their respective station, the alert(s) will be displayed prior to the start of any work instructions and require a badge scan to acknowledge, ensuring that your operators are paying attention to these important notices. 

With minimal hardware requirements (monitor, thin client PC and a badge scanner), and the removal of papers cluttering work stations, operators will have organized, efficient work areas to perform organized, efficient production.


Easy To Access Web Based Reporting

Defect CollectionMES Reporting Example

Reports are another source of wasted paper that we commonly see in operations. Take a look at your desk - how many printed spreadsheets and homemade reports are taking up precious real estate? What if you could easily generate reports, based on your parameters, with real-time data and view them instantly from your network-connected computer or tablet? 

The Nysus Solutions MES includes a web-based Administrative Manager Utility with a number of reporting options, such as:

  • Cycle Time: View current cycle times per station, operator, shift and more. See where your downtime or lagging is occurring and make adjustments to your current process flow.
  • Current Production: View current production rates by shift or hour. This report shows you when your operation is most productive and where there is room for improvement.
  • Downtime Tracking: This report gives you insight into what is causing slowdowns on your production lines and allows for operator input from the station level.
  • Product Birth Certificate: Provides a detailed history for every product produced. Station history, test results, vision inspection images and more.
  • Custom Reporting: Many of our customers need custom reporting for internal use or OEM requirements. Nysus is ready and able to create easy to use and effective reports for your needs.

All of our reports can include filtering capabilities in order to view the specific data you're looking for, such as by date range, shift, operator, station or line. They also are able to be saved in a number of formats (PDF, Excel, CSV) allowing you to share with your team or import data into existing reports.


Dashboard Monitors Displayed In Key Areas

Dashboard View

Dashboard Example

Ah, the tried and true announcement board. I'm guessing you have a large bulletin board, probably next to the break room or rest rooms, with papers pinned all over it. Maybe it's an old notice that's been there since you started, or a new announcement just hoping to catch everyone's eye. A sign up sheet, safety notice, etc. etc. We've all seen them. And chances are, your employees are so used to seeing them, that important notices are often missed. 

Utilizing monitors or 'Dashboards' throughout a facility has proven to be a much more useful tool for communicating important information. Dashboards allow for real-time production information to be displayed and continually updated throughout the day, eliminating the need to print out new pages. Information can include production rates, cycle times, machine/station status and upcoming build details. These screens can also rotate through slides to display important quality and safety announcements, or even birthdays, anniversaries, and company outings. Your employees are sure to notice these eye catching displays placed in key locations throughout your facility.


Accurate Quality Checks Through Software

SPC Report2Quality Software Reporting Example

During a recent customer walk through, our attention was called to a problem area on a production line. Regular quality checks that are performed on the line were being done manually by an operator, recorded into a log by hand, then taken to the QA department for entry into a spreadsheet. Although this method seemed to work in general, the concern of inaccurate readings, illegible handwriting and missed checks was evident. 

Integrating automated quality checks to the line allowed this customer to not only ensure these critical checks were being done right and the results were being calculated correctly, but they were also able to remove multiple binders from each operator station. A custom system like this is one of the many options the Nysus Solutions team can offer. These systems help to reduce input errors and provide more detailed test results and reporting. Plus, you'll have the added bonus of less paperwork to print and maintain.

Other Nysus Solutions Quality Software programs that offer similar benefits include Defect Collection, Downtime Tracking, Process Parameter Control and more.


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