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Quality Assurance Made Easy

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Nysus Solutions' software can be a vital resource when it comes to the Quality Assurance process. With detailed historical reports and real-time process feedback, we help you improve product quality and eliminate ongoing quality concerns with accurate, informative data.

The Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution System and supporting Software Systems all include a number of historical reports to help you analyze your production processes and prevent quality issues from plaguing your line.

Check out some examples of our Cycle Time and Production Summary Reports:

MES Reporting

Each Nysus Solutions report allows you to:
Cycle Time Report

  • Filter and Group data to see only what you want and find out where the problem originates.
  • Display reports as Charts, Graphs and Data Tables to break down results in easy to read formats.
  • Export data to PDF, Image or CSV files to use in presentations, print outs or other reports.

Cycle Time Report

Standard Reports can include:

  • Cycle Time - view average cycle times based on filtering criteria to highlight production lags and areas of improvement.
  • Production Summary - view daily and hourly production rates filterable by shift, operator, machine/station and more.
  • Built Parts/Module Summaries - displays specific part information such as status, built time and serial numbers.
  • Product Birth Certificate - this detailed reports lists everything you need to know about a built part including operator involvement, defects, test results, images and so much more.
  • Defect & Downtime Collection Summaries - results are displayed based on operator input. View quality concerns or downtime issues before they get out of your control.
  • OEE & SPC - dig deeper into what is driving your production lines. These reports allow you to perform root cause analysis and improve the health of your operation.

We also offer Custom Reporting options to match your existing reports and eliminate the need for paper logs, duplicated efforts and inaccurate data.

But supervisors and management aren't the only parties involved in the quality assurance process. By providing operators real-time feedback through on screen displays and dashboards, the Nysus Solutions MES allows them the ability to champion QA improvements at the station level.

Operator MES Display

Operator MES Displays show feedback such as Current Cycle Times, Production Rates and Machine Status.



Dashboard ViewProduction Dashboards eliminate the need for outdated announcement boards by providing real time date such as Production, Line Status, Quality Issues and Announcements.


Learn more about our Manufacturing Execution System and Quality Software at www.Nysus.com and book an online demo to see our software in action!

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