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It's Automation Season!

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Our Automation Team is in full swing with a number of exciting new automation projects! Check out some pictures and learn a little more about what Nysus Automation can do for you!

Project #1 Injection Molding Robot Tending Cells

Nysus Solutions was awarded an exciting project with a new customer to supply Injection Molding Tending Cells to assist in eliminating a time-intensive manual process. This robotic integration project allows our engineers to do what they do best - design a custom solution to help our customers save time and money while reducing quality issues occurring in their production! 

Robot 2

Robot 1

Roll Conveyor

Pictured L: Our engineers are hard at work setting up the 1st Robotic Work Cell.
Pictured Top R: The completed cell.
Pictured Bottom R: Addition of roll conveyors completed.

Did You Know?

We've expanded our facility to accommodate fully functioning robot cells! This 4,000 sq.ft. expansion allows us to build out complete cells and perform test runs prior to installation at the customer site.

Project #2 Robotic Integration - Panel Building

Many of our robotic integration projects have our Automation Engineers building panels in our shop. Whether it's developing a start to finish operation or integrating existing products at the customer site, Nysus Solutions provides high-level assistance at any point of your project timeline. 

Panel 2Panel 1

 Pictured L: Dave C. assembling panel components.
Pictured R: Dave V. and Tristan B. working together on panel configuration.

Did You Know?

Our Engineers have over 50 years of combined experience with manufacturing automation. We don't just have the knowledge & expertise - we've also got the experience needed to get the job done right!

Project #3 Spotlight Guided MES Station

What do you do when a customer needs Nysus Solutions Software and Automation - but is short on space? You develop a custom solution! This all-in-one station combines Nysus Solutions' Manufacturing Execution System with Spotlight Guidance, Pick to Lights and Vision Inspection to give this customer the right fit for their needs!

Spotlight 1DSCN4790-2











Pictured L: Dave C. making programming changes for better system performance.
Pictured Top R: Example of the Pick Light integration.
Pictured Bottom R: Example of the Spotlight Guided Instructions.

Did You Know?

Combining our Automation solutions with our Software systems, such as the Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution System, allows for a seamless process flow on the line. Already have a software solution in place? No problem! We can integrate our products with existing systems as well. 

Got Questions? Contact the Nysus Solutions Sales Team Today!

sales@nysus.comIMG_7217 small-1
(877) 830-8624 x 5

David Crowley - Director of Business Development
877) 830-8624 x 707

Emily Evener - Sales & Marketing Coordinator
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Calling all industry reps, equipment suppliers and networking organizations!! Nysus Solutions is always on the lookout for potential partnerships within the manufacturing industry. Interested in learning more about how you can benefit from working with Nysus? Contact our sales department today!


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