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Improve Defect Identification and Tracking

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Defective products can be the downfall of a production line. Many manufacturers are looking to automation and software options to help detect, track and, ultimately, reduce the number of defects that occur. Learn more about a few of the options that Nysus Solutions offers to help stop defects before they leave your facility. 

 Defect Collection System

When a defect is created, it is critical to document the occurrence so root causes can be identified. The Nysus Solutions Defect Collection System can be a critical tool in determining where the issues originate as well as identifying trends that could be affecting your manufacturing processes.

The Defect Collection System allows you the ability to perform true root cause analysis with:

  • Detailed reports filterable by operator, shift, product, station and more;
  • Scatter plot images highlighting continuous errors and potential machine failure;
  • Historical data keeping to keep track of reoccurring issues.

Defect Collection

Integrating the Defect Collection System with the Nysus Solutions MES allows your operators to record defects instantly so issues are addressed when they occur...not when it's too late. 

Stop defective products from making their way out of your facility and causing your operation to lose valuable time and resources.

 Vision Inspection & Image Capture

The Nysus Solutions Vision Inspection Systems allow for visual proof of product quality and help to reduce costs associated with customer rejects and scrapped products. Nysus specializes in two types of vision automation: Vision Inspection and Image Capture. Both systems take the inspection process to the next level by not only inspecting the parts greater than the human eye, but creating a record for historical reporting and proof of product quality.

Vision Inspection Systems

Nysus Solutions Vision InspectionVision Table SystemThe  utilizes the latest camera technology and image comparison software to ensure that your product is assembled correctly and does not contain any defects or missing components.

Check out a current project involving vision inspection of a label utilizing robotic integration:IMG-3310   IMG-3312   IMG-3311

Image Capture Systems

Image_Capture_ PicThe Nysus Solutions Image Capture System is an extremely cost effective method to create a serialized record of product quality prior to final shipment. These types of systems are commonly used by Tier I and Tier II suppliers to verify surface quality of Class A parts.

To learn more about the Nysus Solutions' Defect Collection and Vision Inspection Systems be sure to visit our site at www.Nysus.com or contact us today to setup a demo!

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