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How Automation Can Solve Your Manufacturing Labor Shortage

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Two of the hottest topics in manufacturing today are the shortage of available labor within the industry and the increase of automation technology on shop floors. Nysus Solutions offers a number of products to help connect the two and work with our customers to create an efficient production operation.

Manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions for a number of reasons. Whether it's the inability to find specialized talent or lack of interest in general labor type of jobs, employers are thinking outside the box to prevent their operations suffering from a lack of manpower.




Utilizing Industrial & Collaborative Robots

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Robotics have been a part of the manufacturing process for many years. Often, you think of the heavy industrial robots that require guarding, large footprints and complicated setup. But just like the industry itself, robotics are evolving every day, making them a more accessible option for manufacturers of any size. 

  • Robots are being used in processes from start to finish - starting with raw material handling down to packing and shipping.
  • Robots allow for continuous production during downtime and allow for personnel to be staffed during critical production hours.
  • Robots can be programmed to run multiple, complicated processes with fine tuned precision and accuracy.
  • Robots allow you to utilize the talent of your current workforce in skilled positions rather than waste that talent performing basic picking, packing and material moving jobs. 
  • Collaborative Robots are designed to operate in direct proximity with operators without the need for additional safety systems. These type of robots allow for smaller operations to benefit from the use of robotics in various operations without the high cost or footprint.

Nysus Solutions can assist your organization to reduce direct labor cost and improve product quality through robotics. We are a Select Integration Partner with Yaskawa Motoman Robotics and have experience with many of today's leading robots. 

Process Automation Solutions

Vision Table

Manufacturers that utilize process automation on their production lines can experience a vast array of benefits including reduced cycle times and improved product quality. Automation solutions can also help fill the gap when talented labor is lacking for highly specialized operations. 

  • Vision Systems: These systems allow for automated visual inspection of your finished goods. Rather than trusting the human eye to detect small flaws that can greatly affect product performance, the utilization of camera technology can increase findings of these fatal flaws and allow for a visual record in the event of product failure. 
  • Electrical Testing Systems: Today's electrical products are becoming more technologically advanced, thus require better options for testing the product's performance. Electrical End of Line Testing Systems allow for multiple tests to be run simultaneously with a simple 'plug and play' step rather than testing each component one at a time. Results are displayed to the operator and a historical record of results is maintained.

Nysus Solutions is proud to offer the systems described above as well as many other options, including customized automation. Click on each link to learn more about our products.

Manufacturing Software Benefits


Software programs geared towards manufacturing can also address your workforce woes by simplifying complicated work instructions, tracking production issues on the line to identify problem areas and target quality issues that could be solved with automation. Our latest product release, Guide My Work, can offer you the software solutions you need for a fraction of the cost and time compared to many Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Employee training tracking systems, such as the Nysus Solutions On the Job (OJT) System can also help to identify training needs, such as cross training or lack of qualified operators for a particular area. 

Integrating automation to your operation can be a great way to supplement your labor shortage while better utilizing your current workforce. Automation has the capabilities to reduce labor costs, improve productivity, increase workplace safety and allow your employees to better use their skill sets. Contact Nysus Solutions today to see if one of our automation products will work for your operation.



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Nysus Solutions is an industry leader in manufacturing execution system software and process automation. We focus solely on the manufacturing industry to tailor our products to the specific needs and concerns commonly seen on the shop floor. 

Our product offerings include:

Nysus Solutions helps customers achieve world class levels of manufacturing by utilizing the latest technologies within the industry and providing around the clock support. 

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