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Guide My Work Is Live!

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Introducing the Easiest Manufacturing Software Solution You'll Ever Use!

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Start your 15-day FREE trial today!

 By now, you may have heard about the newest addition to the Nysus Solutions product line...Guide My Work! And we are excited to announce that it's live and ready to go! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your 15-day free trial!

Visit www.GuideMyWork.com now!

But What Is Guide My Work?

Guide My Work (GMW) is a web-based Manufacturing Execution System that requires very simple integration. No servers, no complex configuration, no long lead times. This subscription-based system allows you to introduce cutting edge technology to your manufacturing operations quickly and easily.

Nysus Guide My Work 12-20-2018

Guide My Work Offers a Number of Benefits:
GMW Winter 1

  • Eliminate the paper work instructions on your production line
  • Increase quality and efficiency in your operation
  • Real-time feedback when you need it
  • Full production historical traceability

All This...With Low Installation Cost & Requirements!

  • No server required - instant download
  • Minimal hardware needed

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Visit www.nysus.com/GuideMyWork to learn more, download our GMW brochure and sign up for product news and releases.

But we think seeing is believing! Contact us for an online demo of Guide My Work and let the Nysus Sales Team show you this revolutionary new product in action, right from the comfort of your office. 

Got Questions? Contact the Nysus Solutions Sales Team Today!

sales@nysus.comIMG_7217 small-1
(877) 830-8624 x 5

David Crowley - Director of Business Development
877) 830-8624 x 707

Emily Evener - Sales & Marketing Coordinator
(877) 830-8624 x 709

Calling all industry reps, equipment suppliers and networking organizations!! Nysus Solutions is always on the lookout for potential partnerships within the manufacturing industry. Interested in learning more about how you can benefit from working with Nysus? Contact our sales department today!


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Nysus Solutions is an industry leader in manufacturing execution system software and process automation. We focus solely on the manufacturing industry to tailor our products to the specific needs and concerns commonly seen on the shop floor. 

Our product offerings include:

Nysus Solutions helps customers achieve world class levels of manufacturing by utilizing the latest technologies within the industry and providing around the clock support. 

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