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Nysus Solutions Core Values: BE UNITED

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At Nysus Solutions, we have built our company culture around three core values:


But these are more than just words to us - we do our part everyday to make sure we are putting those words into action with each other, with our customers and within our communities. 


What does it mean to be united? Every day there are obstacles in our way that can make being united one of the most challenging tasks we face. Whether it's a looming deadline, time-intensive projects, difference of opinion or just one of those days, being united is no easy feat. Which is why we are constantly reminding ourselves of the importance of acting as a true team.


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Every role at Nysus is important to the success of our business. We've developed a "true team atmosphere" in our approach to projects as well as company wide direction.

  • Everyone has a voice and all ideas are heard, discussed and respected;
  • Consistent, scheduled meetings as a whole team as well as by department;
  • Standardized methods of communication for projects, budgets and customer follow up;
  • Team building through internal training, social outings and creating a fun, relaxed work environment.


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Being united isn't just an internal thing. We've learned the importance of treating our customers as our partners, not just another project to get through. Over the years, we've created many lasting partnerships with customers and vendors that have led to successful launches, exciting new products, referrals and even a few new friendships. We respect our customers and their need to know that when they select Nysus for their project partner, they made the right decision.

  • Constant communication throughout projects;
  • Awareness of budget and time restraints;
  • Dedicated project managers, programmers and integrators assigned to each project;
  • Ongoing customer support and training.

We take pride in knowing that our products have helped our customers achieve financial and operational success.


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One of the most exciting parts of our business is being able to give back to our communities. Throughout the year, the employees at Nysus Solutions come together and participate in a number of charitable events including Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity, SeaGate Food Bank and Cherry Street Mission.

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Be sure to keep up with our upcoming blogs to learn more about how we live out our other core values: Being Passionate and Being Thankful!



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